劍橋大學電話英語口語教程Unit 07 任務7

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劍橋大學電話英語口語教程UNIT 07 WHAT'S THE PROBLEM?, 任務7,致電酒店進行投訴。

Unit 07-Task 7

第7單元 任務7

Receptionist: Regal Hotel, good afternoon. Can I help you?


Clare Webber: Yes, my name's Clare Webber, from City Management Services. We held a two-day conference at your hotel last week, and there are several things I was unhappy with. I'd like to speak to the conference manager, please, as I want to make a complaint.

你好,我是城市管理服務公司的Clare Webber。我們上個星期在你們酒店開了兩天會,有很多事情我對你們都不滿意。請幫我找會議經理接電話,我要投訴。

Receptionist: Could you give me your name again, please?


Clare Webber: Yes, it's Clare Webber, from City Management Services.

可以,Clare Webber,城市管理服務公司的。

Receptionist: I'm just putting you through, Ms Webber.


Clare Webber: Thank you.


Edward Bonner: Good afternoon, Ms Webber. Edward Bonner, conference manager at the Regal Hotel speaking. How may I help you?

下午好,Webber小姐,我是王室酒店的會議經理Edward Bonner,有什么可以幫您?

Clare Webber: Hello, Mr Bonner. We met last week when we held our two-day conference at the hotel.


Edward Bonner: Yes, I remember, Ms Webber. I trust everything went well for you.


Clare Webber: Well, the conference itself was fine, but I'm ringing now because some of the arrangements made by the hotel weren't up to the standard we'd expected from the Regal Hotel.


Edward Bonner: I'm very sorry to hear that. Could you tell me what the problems were?


Clare Webber: Yes, certainly. The first two complaints were to do with the rooms. Twenty of us stayed in the hotel, and two people reported that their rooms weren't ready for our arrival and hadn't been cleaned properly. The first person found the bed hadn't been made up and there weren't any clean towels, so he had to wait while the room was made ready for him. That wasn't a major problem, but considering other things weren't done properly either, I felt I ought to tell you that I thought your standards had slipped - and that we won't be recommending any of our colleagues or other companies we work with to come to your hotel in the future.


Edward Bonner: I'm very sorry to hear that, of course. But can you tell me what the other problems were so that we can improve the standard of service?


Clare Webber: The second person complained that a full ashtray had been left in her room, even though she'd been led to believe there was a non-smoking policy in the bedrooms, and the cups and saucers were dirty, and had just been left by the previous occupant of the room.


Edward Bonner: I can only apologise. The housekeeper should have checked that all the rooms had been cleaned properly and were ready before a guest was allowed to go into them.


Clare Webber: The other thing, that was more major, as it affected us all, was the main dinner on the Thursday night.


Edward Bonner: What was the problem there?


Clare Webber: It was a working evening, so we'd deliberately asked for the meal to be served at 7:30 so we could continue with our discussions afterwards. We had drinks at 7 o'clock, then went to the restaurant at 7.30, expecting the meal to be served almost immediately. Everything was laid out for us, and it looked ready, but then we waited and waited -and the first course didn't arrive until 8.1 5, even though I and various other colleagues kept asking the waiters what the problem was - in fact we never got an explanation, let alone an apology. As a result, we didn't finish eating until 9.30, and we wasted a lot of time just waiting. The most annoying thing was that nobody seemed to be in charge - we should have been warned there was a problem.


Edward Bonner: I'm very sorry to hear all this. I should have been told about it by the kitchen manager, but this is the first I've heard of the problem. I can only apologise on behalf of the hotel.


Clare Webber: I don't feel prepared to authorise payment of your bill, which has arrived very punctually. It's a lot of money and we had expected a much better standard of service at your hotel.


Edward Bonner: Our staff are normally very reliable, and most of our customers enjoy their stay here, and in fact many of them return regularly. I'm afraid you've experienced some very bad luck, and I shall make a full investigation into what went wrong. Thank you very much for giving me so much feedback -I shall do my best to ensure it never happens again, to you or anyone else.


Clare Webber: No, I certainly hope not.


Edward Bonner: As for the invoice you've been sent, please disregard it. I'll have a new one made out, with a deduction of 10% because of the poor service you received here.


Clare Webber: Well, that would make a difference, thank you, Mr Bonner.


Edward Bonner: Thank you very much for calling, Ms Webber, and I can only apologise on behalf of the hotel.


Clare Webber: Goodbye.


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